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Network settings

Hey all can someone give me the network settings for the iphone 4 need the mms settings as well


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Re: Network settings

Tweakker helps Giffgaff customers connect quickly and easily to the Internet and MMS services.

Tweakker APN Setup Android



You can also check to see what the signal strength is like in your area before you commit to giffgaff or to check if there is any masts down or ongoing maintenance.

O2 Service Status.

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Re: Network settings

Enter these Settings into your updated iPhone.

-Settings / General / Cellular,(or mobile data),
Then Scroll down to - Cellular Data Network.
(or mobile data network).

Mobile Data
APN ...
Username ... giffgaff
Password ... password

Visual Voicemail (leave blank).

APN ...
Username ... giffgaff
Password ... password
MMS Proxy
Max message size 2097152
MMS UA Prof URL (leave blank)

Do Not press the Reset Settings button when you
have completed this.
Once the settings are in, turn your iPhone off/on.

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Re: Network settings

Follow this guide for ALL handy settings for iPhone.
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Re: Network settings

How to GiffGaff iPhone (All Models)
• Insert your giffgaff SIM
• Connect to wifi
• Open safari and go to
This might take a while too load, Then a notification comes up and asks you to accept a profile
•Then press install and then Install now to confirm
You may need to turn your phone off then back on again for the settings to be applied.

How to Giffgaff an iPhone 3G/3GS

How to Giffgaff an iPhone 4
How to Giffgaff iPhone iOS4 & iOS5

The settings you should input under Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network

For MMS the latest iPhone specifics are:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 2097152
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Re: Network settings

or just text settings to 2020 and get the settings that way, you will get a text back from 2030 tho Smiley Happy But make sure u text 2020.
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Re: Network settings

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Re: Network settings