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No internet access :(

I joined Giff Gaff this morning and put my new sim into my Blackberry Bold. I registered and topped up with a £10 goodybag. I then topped up another 10 pound later on today. I have been trying to access the internet but it wont work. It keeps saying "Unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. If the problem persists please contact your service provider." So I am! I have my internet setting as follows - Connection preference:Mobile network preferred, Mobile network:02 -uk, Network selection mode:Automatic, Network mode:3G &2G. I can send and receive calls and texts no problem. I just dont have any internet access. I do not use WIFI as I dont have any in my building. Please help!! Thanks x

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Re: No internet access :(

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Re: No internet access :(

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Re: No internet access :(

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Re: No internet access :(

see this guide

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Re: No internet access :(

it is because you do not have teh £3 blackberry add-on.

it's too late to get it now, until your next goodybag.

in the mean time, you will be able to get online if you can get the opera mini browser onto your phone
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Re: No internet access :(

Firstly, please note activation can take up to 24 hours, also If you want the full blackberry experience (BBM, BB Browser, BB Mail, MMS)  you need the £3 add on which MUST be bought at the same time as the goodybag.

As you haven't bought the add on you will have to wait and buy them together next time. Don't worry tho, all is not lost.

If you don't have a Blackberry add on, you can still use the internet. use this guide

This explains the alternative - Opera Mini so you can browse the web with just the standard unlimited net.

Hope this helps :-)
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Re: No internet access :(

You should have bought the bb add on.


How to setup your Blackberry:

Have a look at this. 
Blackberry troubleshooter

Blackberry Addon 1010:

Blackberry without bb add on

Internet without the BlackBerry Add-on
In order to get the internet working on a BlackBerry without the BlackBerry Add-on you will need to have the Opera Mini browser installed on your BlackBerry instead. Follow this simple guide on some instructions to getting on the internet with out the BlackBerry Add-on:
First of all set up your BlackBerry internet settings to the following:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Then, while connected to wifi, you need to download the Opera Mini internet browser from the BlackBerry App World
Now when you want to use the internet use the newly installed browser, Opera Mini, and it should work!
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Re: No internet access :(

| Blackberry Users |

Please Have a Read For A Full Explanation..

| Extra Info |

*Want the Add-on*

The Blackberry add-on must be
brought at the same time as buying your goodybag and they cannot be bought separately.

*No BB Add-on* See Below

If you've just got payg credit or a 10.00 + goodybag without the add-on then you can still use the internet with the settings below but you need to download opera mini mobile internet browser for your mobile phone and then you should be sorted...

| Blackberry Internet Settings |

Go to your home screen and select (Options)

Then Select (Device)

Then Select Advanced System Settings > (TCP/IP)

Then Enter the APN :
user name: giffgaff
password: password > just type the word password (not your giffgaff password)

Press the BB Menu key and select (Save)

* Then make sure giffgaff is set as default for your wap settings *

(Produced By dave005/giffgaffer)

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Re: No internet access :(