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Nokia 100 unlock codes

Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone could help me find a Nokia 100 Tesco Mobile unlock code for free.


I've tried a few online searches but, despite claims to the contrary I can't find one for free for this model. This link ( does indeed appear to do it but the 100 model is not listed.


Any help would be much appreciated before I return it.



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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes try this. The easiest way is to go to the phone shop and get it unlocked. It may cost you 10 pounds though. But it is done right away and it works.
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

Hi there, usually to unlock a handset you need to buy an unlock code online, have a Google for the cheapest sites (I've used fonefunshop for unlock codes before and they've been great). Many town centres also have mobile phone shops that will unlock handsets for a fee. It could also be worthwhile contacting the network for a code, sometimes depending on how long you've been with them, they sometimes just give out the unlock code for free. Hope this helps!
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

Contact tesco sometimes they unlock for free
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

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Tesco usually double lock their phones.  


Have you asked them to unlock it for you? They did (not sure if it's still the case) unlock their contract phones for free after a year of use.  


As it's Tesco I think your only option is to go through them, even if they do impose a charge.

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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

try ebay?
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

I had the same problem with a friend's 100.

After a week of trying I gave up and told them to buy a decent phone!
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

This is what it says on the Tesco website-

Using another network’s
SIM in a Tesco Mobile
If you wish to use another
network's SIM, you will
need to arrange for it be
unlocked. If this is the
case, you must not insert
another operator's SIM
card into the mobile
without an unlatching code
(this is not your PIN code).
Our Customer Care team
can provide you with an
unlatching code. You can
request an unlatching code
from us 12 months after
the date you activated
your handset. If you
activated your Tesco
Mobile phone less than 12
months ago, we will charge
you a fee of £20 to unlock
your handset.

See more here

And as has been mentioned Tesco double lock a lot of their phones so i would give Tesco a ring and find out because as Tesco says if your phone is a year old or more they'll do it for free Smiley Happy
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

Thanks everyone for your replies.

The phone was brand new and dirt cheap, the idea being it would be a back up phone as I tend to leave my main one in work.

After trying for a few days I came to the conclusion I'd need to pay, and frankly I'm not paying more than the phone is worth. Ended up taking it back today. I'll probably get an unlocked one or the 105, which comes unlocked, apparently and is due out end of the month-ish.

Cheers again.
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Re: Nokia 100 unlock codes

You're welcome mate and that's the best idea if it works out you're paying more than the phone is worth just to have it unlocked and thanks for the update Smiley Happy