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PAc code

Where do I enter my PAC code to get my old number?
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Re: PAc code

Use the transfer form in mygiffgaff left side
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Re: PAc code

check the step by step guide here ..


You can transfer your old number to giffgaff, it could be switched over as early as tomorrow if you get a wriggle on. Two simple tasks, ask your old network for your “PAC CODE” and let us know what that code is.


If you have your "PAC CODE" already, head to Transfer you number


If you need more information about the method to transfer your phone number to giffgaff, this guide will tell you all about it.

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Re: PAc code

If you are wanting to transfer your number over to Giffgaff, you must enter your PAC Code on this transfer number form:

Please also refer to this guide for information on transferring your number over to Giffgaff:
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Re: PAc code

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Re: PAc code

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see this article, it takes you through the whole procces


or if you have your pac code and everything and just want to go to the form see this link:

hope this helps

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Re: PAc code

When requesting your number to be transferred to giffgaff you would need to a PAC code from your old phone network provider. PAC codes are valid for 30 days from the issue date.

Once you have your pac code follow the link below on porting over to giffgaff using the pac code recieved from your old mobile network operator.

As with activations the porting can take up two 24 hours to complete and does not occur over weekends and bank holidays

the porting stages are listed below

1. The Old Network provider Sim Stops working

2. Giffgaff sim stops working

3. Giffgaff Sim starts working (calls, texts, & data will activate at different times.)
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Re: PAc code

neilmartindale wrote:
Where do I enter my PAC code to get my old number?



Enter it right here in this form:


Make sure your sim is activated first though.

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Re: PAc code

Hi there.
To transfer your old number to giffgaff,you need a pac code,from your old network provider.
Please check out the link below,thanks.
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Re: PAc code

on the left side of your giffgaff page there's a transfer your number link