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Paypal withdrawal fees?

I never used paypal to withdraw fund to my bank account.

Just looked at the Paypal withdrawal fees here, which says,

PayPal may charge a minimal fee for withdrawals to non-US banks. We charge you at the time of withdrawal.


Does that mean paypal can charge for a withdrawal of funds to a bank account?

For faster withdrawal it says there is £5 fees and electronic transfer is free.


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Re: Paypal withdrawal fees?

So long as you withdraw more than £6 you won't occur any charges! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Paypal withdrawal fees?

NO  charges will apply to your account spend a minimum of £10 just to be sure

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Re: Paypal withdrawal fees?

There is no charge to pay the money into uk account unless you choose the speedy option so just wait the 3 to 5 days it takes
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Re: Paypal withdrawal fees?

Its free to UK banks for standard withdrawal (2-5days), £5 for express (1-2day) withdrawal.
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Re: Paypal withdrawal fees?

also note there is a 50p charge if you enter some of the details wrong and the payment gets rejected!
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Re: Paypal withdrawal fees?

If you choose to withdraw the money quickly there is a charge but the normal way is free.