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Restriction code

I have just joined giffgaff. activated my sim card by topping up £10 on a goodie bag. Howev, my phone sais I need a restriction code. What to do? as can't use phone without it??

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Re: Restriction code

Ask an agent please
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Re: Restriction code

You need to unlock your phone
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Re: Restriction code

your phone needs unlocking
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Re: Restriction code

are you sure the phone is unlocked or locked to o2?

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Re: Restriction code

Do you mean a puk code.
Puk code

Entered wrong SIM PIN and I need my PUK code
You'll need a new PUK code if you entered your SIM PIN code incorrectly three times and locked your handset -not to worry, we can sort this out for you, pronto.

Need a puc code click on this link.

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Re: Restriction code

is your phone locked?
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Re: Restriction code

Sounds like mobiles locked see here

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Re: Restriction code

just click in this it might help u
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Re: Restriction code

Hi if your phone asks restriction code then it is clear that your phone is locked to one network provider due to this it wont accept other network sim in it .To solve this you must unlock your mobile .code are the best solution to unlock your mobile .To get code visit here theya sk you the mobile model ,country and network name to which your mobile is locked and the IMEI number of your mobile .Then they deliver you code to unlock your mobile.