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Samsung GT-19100

No Internet, GPS MMS and maps not working although I can use google. The set up guide is for Android 2.2 my phone is running 2.3.3 is this the problem?

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Re: Samsung GT-19100

No mate that shouldn't be a problem, its the same setting
If you have WiFi, download either the tweakker APN app
or the giffgaffAPN app from the playstore. Run the app,
reboot your phone, that will sort it

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Re: Samsung GT-19100

Try to get the correct settings by texting the word settings to 2020 if this does not work the try text word ACTIVE to 2030 hope this helps Smiley Happy
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Re: Samsung GT-19100

Text settings to 2020, giffaff will reply eith the correct internet settings to you and install them and restart your phone. Job done! Smiley Happy
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Re: Samsung GT-19100

Sending a text to 2020 will give you the cirrect net settings
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Re: Samsung GT-19100

Try factory resetting your phone Smiley Happy It's probably the easiest way. 


You could also turn off the phone, remove the battery and sim, wait 30 seconds, and then try again.


Also make sure your internet settings are correct. Look here form more detailed info:

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Re: Samsung GT-19100

What phone do you have?You could try texting 'SETTINGS' to 2020 Or input manual settings Manual Settings:GPRS-3G SettingsConnection Name: giffgaff - GPRSAPN - Access Point Name: giffgaff.comProxy Server Address: Port:8080Login - Username: giffgaffPassword: passwordMCC: 234MNC: 10MMS SettingsConnection Name: giffgaff - MMSAPN - Access Point Name: giffgaff.comUsername: giffgaffPassword: passwordServer: proxy: port: 8080MCC: 234MNC: 10APN type: mms Or download 'giffgaffAPN' from the Android Market if possible..