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Set up BBM

I have  a Blackberry Curve 9360.  I bought the £3 bbm top up with my last goody bag.  I have Blackberry Messenger downloaded on to phone and registered it over 24 hrs ago but cannot get BBM to work.  My friends have not received the requests I sent and I have not received any requests.  Need help with setting up the Blackberry Messenger.  Anyone know where I am going wrong?  Thanks.

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Re: Set up BBM - giffgaff a Blackberry

try to pull out battery and replace after 60 sec

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Re: Set up BBM

Blackberry Settings:

Hope this helps :smileyhappy:
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Re: Set up BBM

If you have already pulled the battery from your phone and that hasn't worked, delete all your service books and do it again, let us know.
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Re: Set up BBM

Use this
And the take the battery out of 60seconds
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Re: Set up BBM

are you sure the blackberry add on has gone through , if it hasnt you wont be able to use bbm 

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Re: Set up BBM

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Re: Set up BBM

you may need to reaccept the settings. So text settings to 2020 then accept the settings again. If still not then put the settings in manually. Also do a few battery pulls.
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Re: Set up BBM