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Signal Booster

My work phone is on O2 but coverage is really poor at home.  Does anyone know if I can get a sensibly priced signal booster for use at home?

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Re: Signal Booster

O2 will be releasing their booster soon.


It will be called BOOST BOX.


It will work with Giffgaff.



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Re: Signal Booster

I'm not sure. I find my service goes completely when I'm at my sisters house.

I like being on giffgaff but the service is terrible at times l.
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Re: Signal Booster

Signal fine most of the times but again at home I have vertually nothing. Thankfully we have wifi!!

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Re: Signal Booster

Same here sjhux just annoying when I get hours later from someone, thang goodness there is no emergencies lol
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Re: Signal Booster

Hi there used to be a wee gadget you could buy on eBay don't know if it works thought search phone signal booster
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Re: Signal Booster

You can buy GSM (and WCDMA) signal boosters. I've never used one, so can't tell you how effect they are, but its something worth looking at.
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Re: Signal Booster

when o2 release it you can buy there boost box it will then work on giffgaff

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Re: Signal Booster

no useful signal in house and marginal outside in garden does 02 / giffgaff do a signal booster

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Re: Signal Booster

The service can be a bit down in the areas which means that the areas not good enough signal for giffgaff to work as well
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