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Skype video call over 3G from iPhone

I did find answer from your community that the skype would be covered on the data allowance.
Most answers were 'half baked'.
Giffgaff terms and conditions clearly state that continuous streaming of audio and video is not allowed.
May be it's working for users now.
iPhone skype app uses a whopping 3.5MB per min on video call approx.
If I speak with my parents about one hour daily that almost 200 MB for 60 min and let's say I speak 20 days.. That would be 3.9GB monthly only on skype.. If I use some other RSS, mail and some other radio apps it would really be 750 MB per month. Total comes around 4.5 GB.
Is it allowed?!

I really like the flexibility and the very idea of being in GiffGaff.