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Texts update


I have  goody bag which gives me unlimited texts and internet, but was wondering if it is possible to find out how much texts i have used and internet.


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Re: Texts update

No sorry, your phone might store it or you could count them manually but no other way

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Re: Texts update

App stores have data usage monitors too, have a look for one

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Re: Texts update

Some phones have data and texts counters but there's no way online
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Re: Texts update

I don't think there is a way to find out how many texts you've used up, unless you count them manually or something Smiley Sad There might be an app for that? I dunno, I've never checked


Some smartphones have a built in moniter to tell you how much internet access you've used up; if your's isn't one of those, then there are various apps for telling you how much you've used Smiley Happy