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Top up

Credit has dropped below £3.00 24 hours ago when does the auto Top up click in?

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Re: Top up

Have you set it to auto top up if yes it should do when your balance goes below £3
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mad scientist
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Re: Top up

others have reported this also, best to keep watch,

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Re: Top up

It should click in once your airtime credit goes below £3-as long as you have it set up/enabled on your account.

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Re: Top up

Hi there.
please go back and check your auto top up is still turned on as there have been a few issues with it disabling over the past few days thanks.
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Re: Top up

mate, check yu got enough balance on yur bank account
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Re: Top up

It should top-up as soon as it goes below £3 as the others said.

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Re: Top up

Might be that it is done once a day and so just give it time

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Re: Top up

it should kick in, if you have enabled auto top up.
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Re: Top up

auto top up active?
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