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Transferring number over from Vodafone

If I want to transfer my phone number from Vodafone to giffgaff, how easy is it and how long does it take on average for the number to be transferred?

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Re: Transferring number over from Vodafone

1. get a PAC from vodaphone by calling them up

2. see this guide and follow the steps

3. around 4 hr process although varies from 1-24

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Re: Transferring number over from Vodafone

very easy.  just request your PAC code from Vodaphone, and then put in a number change request to gg.  You'll have to have an active gg sim to be able to port your number to.

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Re: Transferring number over from Vodafone

Lees than a week from thinking about moving to the giff gaff jiggle

Two days working out if you should move. Mainly spent reading the forums.

Then a 5 minute call asking for your PAC code

Then entering the number for the day after tomorrow (if it is the week) into the giff gaff site

More reading of the forums convincing yourself that you really have not made a mistake

About 4 to 12 hours with no service.

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Re: Transferring number over from Vodafone

I suggest that you follow the information requested by giffgaff exactly as problems can arise if you fail to do so. This i am telling you from experience.


It is easy to request a PAC code and all service providers have to provide a PAC code free of charge and within 48 hrs. Vodafone will usually text the PAC once requested to you within 4 hrs and this needs to be used within 30 days.