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Turn off notifications...

... for text, but not for calls!


Every time I send a message, I got a notification: "woohoo, this message was free, you balance is: £5".

That's great, but since I have unlimited messages, it's always going to be free. I have although only limited minutes to talk(£10 Goodybag), and I'd be happy to see the notification after I call somebody.


Is it possible? As far as I know I can only turn off notification altogether, but that's not what I want.

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Re: Turn off notifications...

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Sorry, but no.

It is off altogether or on. You cannot customise.

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Re: Turn off notifications...

im afread its all or nothing atm 

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Re: Turn off notifications...

Nope sorry, all the notifications come under the same setting at the moment :smileysad:

You can check your usage free if your phone has a internet browser? Will display how many minutes you have left.
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Re: Turn off notifications...

It will switch off all notifications....calls and texts.

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Re: Turn off notifications...

sorry that is not possible, if you want to turn the notification off then it has to be both text and calls notfication.

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Re: Turn off notifications...

im afraid its for all notifications im not sure if they will seperate it so you can pick and choose but at the moment it is for all.
You can post in the new ideas to see if it gets accepted..
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Re: Turn off notifications...

It's all or nothing.

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Re: Turn off notifications...

This has been proposed as a future enhancement here:


If you want to give it your support, please do - the more members who support it, the more likely it is that GG will implement it (assuming that it's technically possible of course).

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Re: Turn off notifications...

You can check your goodybag balance at anytime by dialing *100*7#