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Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

I was wondering, since the data-only goodybags will allow tethering. Is it possible to unlock a 'Mifi' device? The Mifi device is a wireless dongle that can turn the 3g (and, I assume, 2g) signal from a mobile network into Wifi for upto 5 devices.

I have been googling it, but I only found results for older firmware/software, so the unlock process won't work.

Does anybody know if their is a method out their that works, or if it is illegal etc? I would be willing to buy a Mifi (Huawei E585) if it could be used on giffgaff, with the data only goodybags.

Sorry if this is the wrong section :/

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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

Not sure, but maybe it's possible to buy an unlocked dongle? Just a thought.
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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

If the worst comes to the worst I believe Three unlock it themselves for £15
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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

wouldnt it be same as tethering? Just set up your phone and connect to that as a router.
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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

 First of all, it is not illegal to unlock a phone or a Mifi devise; IMHO they should never be locked in the first place.


I brought a U585 on EBay a couple of months ago that is unlocked and cost £58. The device works a treat on all networks but hasten to add I do not use it on GG because I have a 1 year expiry PAYG Data sim with 3.


The prices for the locked and unlock version vary from day to day from what I paid £58 up to £80 so you have to check the prices on a regular basis.


A little bird told me recently (bearing in mind the U585 will be locked) that you can pick up a Mifi on 3 on a 1 month rolling contract  for about 30 odd quid. As soon as you use it ring 3 and cancel the contract and your left with a cheap Mifi unit but you will need to pay to get it unlocked.



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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

unlock codes for this item on ebay
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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

You might want to wait and see if the T&Cs are revised when they release the data-only goodybag as I doubt they'd be happy about people then using them to share data access with up to 5 devices simultaneously.

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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

@soldiers33, but the data only goodybags would allow tethering


@serverian, that's a good point :smileyhappy: we're all I'm waiting for the data only goodybag anyway, so I'll just read the T&Cs when it's released! :smileyvery-happy: Thing is, how could they tell that it's more than one device? Surely it would just be using more data? I mean, I know that if the connection is unencrypted they can see where the traffic is going (might still be able to see it, when it's encrypted) but, I dunno.

I don't think they would be able to tell, but then again - I'm no expert! :smileytongue:

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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

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mifis only good for one or two items thru wifi and they are password protected.
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Re: Unlocking a 'Mifi' device

Two places to look:


If dc-unlocker support the device, you can Google for for a hacked version of the software which needs no credits.


I unlocked my 3 dongle (ZTE MF112) the other day (for free!)