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already activated

someone help please! 

i already activated my sim card but didnt make an account, how do i add my sim card to my account so i can top up online?! its only telling to to activate a sim card but it already is!

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Re: already activated

You can't activate a sim without an account. You must have an account to post this thread.
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Re: already activated

Are you sure you didn't put in the email when you ordered it?
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Re: already activated

You must have created an account to activate the SIM?


input your PHONE NUMBER into this link and an email with the username connected to the SIM will be sent to your registered email account.:smileyhappy:   Or Text USERNAME to 2020.

To get your phone number if you don't know it then text NUMBER to 2020.

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Re: already activated

Sim cannot be activated without an account
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Re: already activated

 try using a different browser



Are you having problems connecting to giffgaff or unable to top up etc.?

Firefox Browser Internet Explorer

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Re: already activated

Shen you say you've already activated the sim card , did you top up or buy a goodybag during activation?
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Re: already activated

Hi, you can't have activated your sim without having an account.

Did you top-up or buy a £5 goodybag when activating your sim? If No, this means that your sim is not activated yet. Members must top-up minimum of £10 or buy the £5 goodybag by paying using credit/debit card in order to activate their sim.

Try using a different browser such as firefox or google chrome and clearing history, cache etc.

Try using the mobile site (can be used on the PC).
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