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cant top up

ive activevated my sim card,but when i dial the top up number it wont connect the call?can anyone give me any helpfull advice please

top cat
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Re: cant top up

[ The giffgaff Activation guide ]

How to Activate a giffgaff sim card:

( After Activating The giffgaff Sim Card )

If already activated

- See Below -

[ The Activation Process ]

1, Once You Top-up To Activate The Sim Fully

[ Make sure the payments gone through ] >

(read 2)

2, You will need to give the systems around 30mins (but in rare events it can take up to 24 hours) to finish things off, then you will able to check your balances and new giffgaff number in the 'my giffgaff' section.

3, Once you can see your credit and new giffgaff number online, only then you will begin to be able to make calls on your phone and begin to use any credit or balances.

4, Your number will appear on your My giffgaff page at the top left when you are properly activated by a topup.

5, Once Activated, You can also send a free text with the word NUMBER to 2020 to get your number

[ Important ]

If your SIM hasn't started working 24 hours after topping up, then it may mean something has gone wrong in the process, see below on how to contact the agents - so they can investigate the matter for you. - Ask an agent.

http:// - Agent replies

( Activated After 10pm? )

[ Activations suspend at 10pm till around 8-10am ( most cases have been early hours to Activate or around 6am + but it could be 10am in most cases ]

[ giffgaff / o2 ]

Your phone needs to be locked on the o2 network / unlocked to any network for it to work on giffgaff as giffgaff operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the O2/Telefonica network

( Is Yours unlocked ? ) Need it unlocking ? Try

[ Need giffgaffs Internet Settings ]

Try my Internet /MMS Settings/Tips/Info/Apps Guide:

[ Balance Short Codes ] ( When fully Activated )

Dial *100# for Credit or online

Dial *100*7# for Goodybag Allowance

Dial *100*5# for Text/Sms Balance

Dial *100*1# for your free gg to gg expiry - or just check your My Giffgaff page under your balance/goodybag total

Extras: - giffgaff network short codes - Complete guide to activation
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Re: cant top up

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Re: cant top up

I you sure activation is complete? Can you see your number on My Giffgaff - top left?
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Re: cant top up

You need to activate the sim by topping it up online for the first time.
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Re: cant top up

Once your SIM arrives you will need to head online activate it - which lets our system know it has arrived safe and sound.

3 steps to activating your new giffgaff SIM.

1) Head online:

First up, head online to activate your SIM. You'll see a 6 digit code on your SIM card, please enter this number online here.

Ordered the SIM yourself? If someone has recommended giffgaff to you, help them out by entering their Username into the 'recommended by' box and they'll get 200 payback points

A friend ordered the SIM for you? If a friend gave you the SIM, once you activated they'll automatically receive payback points for recommending giffgaff to you.

See the full guide see below.

if you have done the above try here.


If you have just activated your sim or added a goodybag in normal circumstances the top-up or activation takes to show, In most case it is applied within minutes.
and takes less than 30 mins in some case up to 24hrs dependent on system problems..  
Activations can be submitted anytime but the process wont be completed between 10pm and around 6am.

Check your balance from your phone.
Dial *100# to check your credit balance.
Dial *100*7# to check your goodybag balance.
Dial *100*1# for your free giffgaff calls expiry date
Dial *100*5# to see your remaining text balance applies only to Hokey Cokey goodybag which has 300 inclusive texts

And you can do this online
just check your (My Giffgaff page) under your balance/goodybag

See you account history and transactions for goodybags : (you must be logged in)

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Re: cant top up

I had used the google app Giffgaff apn to set my phone up for me...Smiley Happy

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Re: cant top up

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Re: cant top up

are you sure activation is complete as does sound liek it has not
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Re: cant top up

your sim needs from 30mins to 24hrs to go fully active mate thats more than likly why 

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