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credit from goodybag

what happens when your goodybag date expires and you still have loads of credit left

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Re: credit from goodybag

Nothing you can buy another goodybag
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Re: credit from goodybag

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You lose it mate,it doesn't carry over.Sorry i thought you meant minutes,text,etc.



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Re: credit from goodybag

credit and goodybag are separate

if you mean you still have minutes and texts left, they expire along with the goodybag and you have to buy a new one. if you mean you have credit left, say £3 this is separate to a goodybag and will remain on your account
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Re: credit from goodybag

Buy another goodybag from your credit , if you have enough credit left 🇬🇧
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Re: credit from goodybag

depends on the amount of credit you have , you can buy another goodybag