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giffgaff agents

What I want to know is what training a giffgaff agent undergoes as from what I have read there seems be be a bit of confusion as to if  they can even read as I asked a simple question and was told one thing then read in the T&C the totally opposite so if anyone can answer this question because  think with my limited knowledge I could do the job of a giffgaff agent it seems they just copy and paste answers and you have to wait 24-48 hours for an answer by the sounds of it i bet giffgaff agents work from home and meet once a month in a pub

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Re: giffgaff agents

it depends on the nature of your problem.

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Re: giffgaff agents

agents are not directly employed by giffgaff, they work for an outsourced company called Firstsource in Ireland, so they might like the odd guiness :smileyhappy:


Impossible for us as members to know exactly what their training for giffgaff specific issues is, but I would assume they have a standard call centre background using scripts in many cases 

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Re: giffgaff agents

I agree they dont seem to read the question.
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Re: giffgaff agents

This is stage one of training lol.



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Re: giffgaff agents

yep they are pretty stupid
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Re: giffgaff agents

I agree too
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Re: giffgaff agents

I'd jump at a Giffgaff job. I'd do way much better as I actually believe in the network and the community involved in it.
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Re: giffgaff agents

and this is the finished article after full training


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Re: giffgaff agents

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lol that's funny as well u know :smileyvery-happy:

wonder if a giffgaff agent will reply to this and defend themselves