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how to change iPhone voicemail number?

Hey all,

I can dial 111 to get voicemail but I can't figure out how to change my iphone voicemail settings to dial that number automatically.  The visual voicemail isn't working as I expected it wouldn't but when it says dialing voicemail it can't connect.

I've had a good hunt around these forums and can't find the answer, has anyone else solved this issue?  My iphone is still locked under O2 but works with the giffgaff sim.  Do I need to unlock or jailbreak my iphone in order to enable this preference setting?



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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

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Yeah basically the voicemail button is still set to call the O2 voicemail number (901) and you basically need to change it - which is a little easier said than done! There are a couple of potential solutions - one easy and doesn't require jailbreaking (if it works), and the other much more involved and does involve jailbreaking.


The easy one you can try first off is just to open up the phone app, switch to the keypad and enter the following:




Then tap call.  After a couple of seconds try hitting the voicemail button and see if it worked.  This method didn't work for me, but it does for some (maybe because I'm jailbroken).


If that doesn't work then the other solution is much more complex and not one I would recommend if you aren't comfortable with jailbreaking and getting your hands dirty with the iPhone filesystem - it's basically using this as a guide (thanks to andy0 for the link), except editing the carrier.plist file in the O2-UK directory (the .plist file is slightly different to the one shown on that page, and you'll also need a plist editor - I used "plist editor for windows").  I used iPhone browser to find the file and copy it to my computer for a backup.  Then just find the mention of 901 and change it to 111, save the file and save it back to the O2-UK folder on the iPhone.

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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

i have a giffgaff file, that im hopefully going to release soon, that changes all the settings etc on the phone to giffgaff ones, so the phone will be giffgaff branded etc


im just getting the go-ahead from Vincent to run a beta program Smiley Happy so if your itnerested PM me Smiley Happy


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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

Hi Dan,


I couldn't figure out how to PM you, but please put me down for any such 'giffgaff brand your iPhone'  / voicemail file! :-)





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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

It's also worth giving hullomail a look.


Gives you back your visual voicemail too!


I'm up for beta testing too though!

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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

Any update on the file changes ? i want to get this voicemail button working, my iPhone is not jailbroken and was on O2 many moons ago.

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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

the os 4 update would kill the workthrough of dan so he's working on a giffgaff iphone app which should hopefully be able to do that -

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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

Hi all,


If you check the link below in my signature you will see a link to a post I made that includes a file that totally giffgaff's your iPhone for you easily via iTunes including all the settings, voicemail etc etc and groovy logo's. Try it out, it works!





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29/09/10 - The news isn't good I'm afraid - There will be NO official giffgaff iPhone carrier file, check the above link for the news.

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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

Hi dann,


would be very intrested in these settings when availabel.





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Re: how to change iPhone voicemail number?

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This is a very old thread. It is not possible to change the carrier file if you have version iOS4 of the iPhone software. All changes to the official network carrier files need to be officially signed by Apple. 

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