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I need to ask the agent to check if i have roaming bar on my account to lift it as i will be travelling to France on Fri.

Everytime I try to ask an agent it just keeps going back to my giffgaff home page.


Also I have just introduce another family memebr to GiffGaff. They are having problem regestering their sim. On the intial activation page when they try to make the payment, they keep getting the error message with redit card Expiry box and it wont except anything. Their account usaer name is Musi71a.



Can someone please help

Much appreciated

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roaming is by default on. so all u need is just credit and


Credit/Debit card topup problem

Try using the mobile site or use different card or use O2, giffgaff or tesco voucher to topup

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Roaming is on by default on all  giffgaff sim cards ..
But make sure your goodybags allowance can't be used abroad so make sure you have airtime credit  at your disposal if you thinking to use your phone abroad...

...Many people get caught out because of data do make sure turn data roaming off ..+ ...switch off voicemail !

Please Dial 443 to access your voicemail

To Switch on: Dial 1616

To Switch off: Dial 1626

Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or try another browser.

Have you tried the mobile site? 
 Desktop view : 

Many users have reported that Firefox  browser seems to work without any hassle so give it a go .

If you logged in into multiple devices try to log out and try again .

If nothing works :

It's could be account  related problem as we don't have access to your account !

You'll need to contact an agent here:

See Bertiebag guide :

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you could try using a voucher for payment
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Firstly, unless you have a roaming bar on your SIM already, you will not have to ask an agent to lift it, as there is no roaming bar by default. 


For the SIM you gave to your friend, your going to have to ask him to request an agent as this is totally out of our jurusdiction, as they would say. Smiley Happy  Alternatively, request another SIM and ask them to try activating the SIM again, as you will still get the points for giving them the SIM.


Have fun in France! Smiley Happy

Here is a handy table of the roaming charges in France: (PS: YOu may want to top up a little extra before you go and turn off data on your phone avoid the costly DATA ROAMING CHARGES Smiley Sad )

Making calls and calling your voicemail (charged in per second increments after the first 30 seconds)28p per minute
Receiving calls (charged in per second increments)7p per minute
Sending texts8p per text
Receiving textsFree
Picture messages (MMS) to a UK mobile16p per MMS
Picture messages (MMS) to any other mobile24p per MMS
Data Roaming*

69p per MB 


Hope I helped!

Glad I could help! Smiley Happy
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