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internet settings for nokia 5230

does anyone have the internet settings for a nokia 5230.

i have them but cant set themas the main access point i have to keep trying to find them from unauthorised points?

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Re: internet settings for nokia 5230

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Re: internet settings for nokia 5230

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Destination

And set giffgaff WAP as your default access point for internet

If it is in uncategorised category then you can move it to internet by

option ->Organise -> Move to other destination and choose as internet.


Once organised, hit options -> Default connection -> Internet.

This should make giffgaff WAP as your default internet connectivity option.

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Re: internet settings for nokia 5230

is ur fone 3g?

if soo then u can enter the settings manually

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Re: internet settings for nokia 5230

It may be if you've entered all your settings correctly and completed jamesdn suggestion and have never been able to surf the internet on your new sim, then you might still have a data bar on your sim, you could ask an agent to look into it and remove the data bar if it's still in place.
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Re: internet settings for nokia 5230

Hi dmccamley


I have taken a look at your account and can confirm that you do not have any bars preventing you from accessing the internet on your handset


You will need to follow the advice from other forum members to ensure that your settings have been adjusted correctly


Sorry for any inconvenience


Kind Regards

Emmett Mallett
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Re: internet settings for nokia 5230

just before you do anthing, go onto your internet settings and delete all settings on the phone. Including giffgaff settings. (If you have any). if that doesnt work click this link and enter them manually at this link. if that doesnt work contact an agent to get the data bar removed.​p-Tips/Definitive-APN-Settings-list/m-p/1279

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Regarding internet settings for nokia 5230

Hi, I followed the instructions, felt a bit left out when it got to the final item! I noticed that previous sim Orange had access points registered so I deleted all of the Orange references.

When I opened the internet again, I was offerred an updated You Tube app.


That failed to connect as well, I think my Nokia is a 'Dumb' phone, thank heavens for Mobile BB Dongles, not much point having free access when the time wasted on failed and slow connections is way too much!


Any solutions that don't involve wasting all day? TY