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lost my phone

I have lost my phone today and I don't know how you cancel the chip and reorder a new one. Can someone reply ASAP.  Cheers

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Re: lost my phone

I think the best option would be to contact and agent who will advise you further. But in the mean time you can simply order a new sim free on the website.

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Re: lost my phone

use the lost sim/phone link on your giffgaff dashboard
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Re: lost my phone

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Re: lost my phone

1) Permanently Bar and Replace: Use this option if you have definitely lost your phone and / or SIM.

Your sim will be permanently barred with immediate effect meaning no-one will be able to use it. You also have the option to bar your phone, this means that your handset will be put on a national blacklist and no-one will be able to use it. If you bar your phone you can undo it by contacting an agent here, a permanent sim bar cannot be undone. A replacement sim with your full balance and phone number already tied to it

  • Lost SIM only - Click Bar SIM only
  • Lost Phone and SIM - Click Bar SIM and handset


Head here to report your SIM and/or phone as missing.

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Re: lost my phone

Lost and stolen :

Report sim lost and stolen ... You would be sent out replacement sim with 1st classl post..

All credit and allowance would be transferred as well..

giffgaff now send out hybrid sims, which contain both a mini and micro sim that you can pop out.
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Re: lost my phone

Please Report your sim as lost/stolen here:

Giffgaff will send you a replacement sim within 24 hours. As soon as you report your sim lost/stolen, your sim will be blocked and cannot be used. All Giffgaff sims are now dual and hybrid sims that contain a micro sim which easily pops out.

All your account details, number, credit and any goodybag you have will be restored onto the replacement sim.
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Re: lost my phone

Follow this link
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