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lost my sim

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hi all i've my pay as you go number and was wondering how i can get it back (number removed)

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Re: lost my sim

please remove your number and use this link
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Re: lost my sim

why are you posting your number on the community? do you know there are lots of people who could see your number, even though you've lost it you can find it! so i recommend you edit your question and hide the number.

and contact an agent :smileyhappy:


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Re: lost my sim

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Hi Imzali, <- this should help you out.  It details the steps to take if your sim is lost or stolen.  I believe the suggestions I posted earlier were incorrect, so apologies.

If you need to contact an agent coincidentally, the links to agents can be found in the 'my giffgaff' part of the site.

Hope you get sorted!

Anthony :smileyhappy:


(PS: You should probably remove your number from the post, you could end up with all sorts of people contacting you!)

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Re: lost my sim

Please remove your number..

Use this link to bar your sim and order a replacement


Az :smileyhappy:

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