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mobile data not working!!!!

my mobile internet has stopped working on my iphone 4. everytime i try to use safari it says mobile "could not activate mobile data metwork, you are not suscribed to a mobile data service"


HELP PLEASE. im actually considering leaving giffgaff due to all the problems!!!

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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

Delete the giffgaff APN settings, restart the phone, put them back and restart the phone again. See if that solves it.

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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

try re boot or pur setts in again

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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

Can you recheck your internet settings? My mobile data is working on an iPhone 4s. Did you recently upgrade your iOS?

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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

[ Network Issues & More ]

'Quick Options to try'

1, See if theres any problems in your area

giffgaff operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the O2/Telefonica network

2, Turn On Airplane Mode (if you have this option) And then turn Off after about 20 sec

[ Alternatively ]
Take the battery out for 30 sec and then place it back in and power up (not for Iphone users Etc)

3, Try :

4, Or hand clean the sim very carefully

[ Well worth a try if its a data / internet issue ]

[ Internet Settings Problems ]

Try deleting any old or even giffgaff wap/mms settings if you have them already, Delete (data) / (wap) (internet) settings then power off your phone then back on again and retry the settings and see if that works

[ Quick Internet Settings & More if you get stuck at all ]

Try my Internet /MMS Settings/Tips/Info/Apps Guide:
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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

Check O2 status, the local mast maybe not working to well. Also I find just restarting phone can fix
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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

check you either have airtime credit or a goody bag supporting internet data, otherwise check you have the correct giff gaff settings, you can get these from
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Re: mobile data not working!!!!

These are the iPhone data settings (you may have to redo them if your phone has been updated recently or they have become corrupted):

Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network
Username - giffgaff
Password - password

MMS settings:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 2097152

Next you should go to Settings>Messages
and check that "MMS Messaging is turned ON
Then Switch your iPhone OFF and then back on.