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network key

How the hell do you get hold of someone at giffgaff. My phone is asking for a network key???????????? Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Re: network key

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sounds like your phone is locked to another network. This isn't really something giffgaff can help you with.

What phone do you have?

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Re: network key - Contacting the Educators and Agents

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Re: network key

You need to use an unlocked phone (or 02 locked). You need to get your phone unlocked.
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Re: network key

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Re: network key

it means your phone is locked to certain network see here -
Guide to unlocking phones
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Re: network key

the network key is asked for if your phone is not unlocked.


the "key" for the giffgaff sim is 5555

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Re: network key

take the phone to a small phone or market to get it unlocked,about £10.00.

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Re: network key

There you go...

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Re: network key

Yes sim pin 1 is 5555 and pin 2 is 6666

BUT what the OP want's in my opinion is the code to unlock the mobile.

To do this you either need to contact the network the phone is locked to and ask for the unlock code usually £15 max or go to an independent market stall type phone retailer and pay for unlocking usually between £10 and £15.