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network settings for iphone 4

I have an Iphone 4 with IOS 7 running, i'm trying to set up the network setting so that as my G3 isn't working.  In the instuctions it says go into network settings through general in settings but when i go into general there's no network tab, does anyone know where i can find these settings? Thanks


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Re: network settings for iphone 4

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Hello. If you have Wi-Fi, the easiest way to connect is by installing the My Giffgaff app to set it up for you in just three clicks:

● Once you sign in to the app, click 'More' at the bottom
● Under 'Settings' click on 'Internet Settings'
● Scroll down to the bottom and click 'Install Settings'

If you prefer to install the settings manually,
please see this guide >
which has the full iPhone internet & MMS settings.

Please note: the app will only install the internet settings not the MMS settings, please refer to the guide in the link above for those

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Re: network settings for iphone 4

For iOS 7 go to Settings, Mobile Data, Mobile Data Network

(For previous versions of iOS go to: Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network)

Enter the following:

Username: vertigo
Password: password
Visual Voicemail (just leave as is, giffgaff do not support visual voicemail)
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Re: network settings for iphone 4

You need to scroll down.
See here
Gg iphone settings.
If you have wifi, you can download the giffgaff app. This can set your apn settings for you, but you will need to set your mms settings manually. Or you can enter all the settings manually. See here.

Settings~Mobile~Mobile Data Network
Settings~Cellular~Cellular Data Network

IOS 6Settings~General~Mobile Data~Mobile Data Network
Settings~General~Cellular Data~Cellular Data Network

Then enter the settings below.

APN ...
Username ... vertigo
Password ... password
Visual Voicemail (just leave as is, giffgaff do not support visual voicemail)


APN ...
Username ... vertigo
Password ... password
MMS Proxy
Max message size 2097152
MMS UA Prof URL (just leave blank)
Do NOT press the " Reset Settings " button when you’ve done this.

Once the settings are in, turn your iphone off ( via the red slider ) till the screen is completely blank. Then reboot. If you do not see the apple logo, the settings will not stick.

Then, press Settings /Messages and ensure that MMS Messaging button is set to ON.

In settings messages turn imessages on.

Please also ensure that the Enable 3G button and the Mobile Data button are set to ON.

Then Settings /Phone And check My Number is correct

Go to Settings /Carrier and switch automatic On. The carrier should then show O2-UK

Also note that Picture messages cost 16p and are not included in any goodybags.

Also the mms must be kept under 300 kb in file size.

To set up imessage.

Make sure you are running the latest ios software.
Select settings
Select messages
Enable imessage
You should see a message saying activating
Scroll the page up. You will see.
Send and receive. Click on addresses.
On that page you will see your phone numbers and email addresses.
Thats it.

You may also find this link very helpful

If your iDevice keeps resetting the data settings to something other than giffgaff, use the gg app and go to more. Install the settings from that, it will send a settings profile to your phone. That should work.

If I helped click ''solutions and kudos'' thanks.
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Re: network settings for iphone 4

Hi, and welcome to the giffgaff community,

To get iphone settings Text "SETTINGS" to 2020, should this not work, please follow link below to guide to enter in manually.

if your iphone is running iOS 7 then see here :
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Re: network settings for iphone 4

turn your wifi off


Press Settings

Press Mobile

Press Mobile data network


In APN type

In Username type  vertigo

In Password type password


test it so that you can use safari


turn wifi back on

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Re: network settings for iphone 4

thanks all for the help, i had the giff gaff app installed anyway so just went through that, i'm all up and running again. Thanks for all the help x