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pac code

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i requested my pac code from giffgaff igave it to new phone company they tried it twice, but it does not work, can you sort this for me please. [edit: personal info]

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Re: pac code

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Re: pac code

Sorry to see that you want to leave Giffgaff....are you sure you have exhausted all avenues to get your problems sorted out...?

If so and you still want to leave you can request a PAC code here to port your number away from GG. 

or ring 43431

In order to close the account you will need to use all your credit and/or goodybag.

Then either port your number to your new provider or destroy/ignore the sim.

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Re: pac code

The pac code is valid for 30 days. If you don't use it within this time period, you must request a new one. Dial 43431 or visit to get a new code.
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Re: pac code

Ring 43431 opt 2
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Re: pac code

Make sure you are using th eright code as PAC dont normally cause a problem. Ensure its within thirty days or try dialing 43431 or visiting for a new code. Let us now how it goes!
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Re: pac code

You can call 43431 get one from there or have a look at your giffgaff page it's displayed there as well.

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Re: pac code

Call 43431
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Re: pac code to get a new code and is valid for 30 days, oe dial 43431 then option 2
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