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hi giffgaff hows it going i have a quick question if i help people on the commnity do i get payback points and how many

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Re: payback

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Re: payback

yes you would get payback points and you would find out at the end of every month 

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Re: payback


Check these out

The Guide To Payback -

Earning Points For Payback -

Guide to max payback for newbies -

Do you qualify for payback? -

(put together by dave005)
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Re: payback

Yes you do and nobody knows how the points are allocated... sorry

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Re: payback

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Re: payback

you will and how much depends on how much you help out
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Re: payback

no-one knows but on july u collect oyur money

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Re: payback

Complete Guide to Payback:

Top band for community participation is usually around £30
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Re: payback

depends on how long you talk to people for the longer to talk to people and help them out the more you get
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