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my contract on virgin is up in april ive got a giffgaff sim activated it and topped up can i port my virgin number to my giffgaff in april

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Re: porting

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Yes you can port your number over at any time. 

You'll just need to get your PAC code from Virgin when the time is near. 

Then it's a piece of cake you can find out details here:

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Re: porting

Yes at anytime
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Re: porting

Yes you can do whenever you like, just get the PAC code within 30 days of porting and follow this guide - How do I keep my mobile number? (Guide to porting in)

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Re: porting

yep just ask your provider
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Re: porting

Yes you can port it in april. You'll need to get your PAC code from virgin and then the transfer will take one working day. Then, welcome to giffgaff :smileyhappy: Easy as that
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Re: porting

Regarding PUK Code.

I've been with GG for a while now and i've had no problems so far.

Just got a new phone and when i popped the sim in there it asked for a 8 digit passcode so i requested for PUK and entered that. Thought it was the something wrong with the phone but tried with with another sim and it works fine. Why doesn't it accept the PUK Code?