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prices to pakistan

heyy.... this may sound stupid but i just wanna know that if i have purchased a £10 goodybag (250 mins) would it let me call pakistan and if it did then would it charge the same for example for every minute i do call it would take away one minute of my time?


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Re: prices to pakistan

No way, just for uk calls only.
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Re: prices to pakistan

To make international calls or send international texts requires credit. Such calls are not included in goody bags which are only for UK calls and texts


It would cost as follows


If you call any EU country, Australia, Andorra, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, India, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Vatican City.

Landline (charged in per minute increments)8p per minute
Mobile (charged in per minute increments)16p per minute
Texts8p per text
Picture messages (MMS)24p per MMS


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Re: prices to pakistan

uk calls only
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Re: prices to pakistan

Goodybags are for UK to UK calls and texts only. You need credit to text and ring Pakistan.

See here:
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Re: prices to pakistan

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Re: prices to pakistan

this is 4 da uk only
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