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"Divert Activated" message when dialling

Every time I dial a number I am greeted with the message "Divert Activated". Eventually the phone at the other end rings, and the call is successful. However...

  • Sometimes I get "Dialing" ...then 10-30 seconds later get "Divert Activated" ...then the phone rings.
  • Sometimes "Divert Activated" appears almost immediately ...and then the phone rings

My forwarding services are all disabled, so I know it's nothing to do with those.



  1. What does the "Divert Activated" message actually mean? Does it mean I'm being routed via a different network? Does it mean giffgaff are doing some internal diverting/rerouting? Or what....?
  2. Why is this random?  It's very frustrating to try dialling someone and then be wondering whether I've got it wrong ...until I look at the handset and see the message ...sometimes.