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top up voucher

How can I top upvouchet first time
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Re: top up voucher

Hi there and thanks for visiting the community.
To choose the way,that you would like to top up,there are a few options.Top up using a giffgaff or O2 voucher,the minimum top up is £10.Simply enter the voucher code,either by dialing 43430 from your handset or go online.You can also top up your credit by using your credit/debit card.To top up your airtime credit,click onto,or visit the link below,cheersSmiley Very Happy.
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Re: top up voucher

Is the top-up for the activation?
If Yes -
⬜ full guide to joining giffgaff: ➜

⬜ And also the Complete Activation Guide - ➜

Otherwise -
[ Redeeming a giffgaff or a o2 Voucher ]

□ If its a O2 voucher they can be a pain to work straight away, they need several attempts in most cases

□ o2/giffgaff Voucher > Add it by telephone 43430 (freephone number) Only if your fully activated

□ Or this can be done online ➜

□ You can also try another browser (online option) ➜

[ Using A Mobile Etc ]

○ iPhone Users -- Use Safari or The Google App / Or any flash browser

○ Android Users -- Use Skyfire / Easy Browser or Puffin Internet Browser

○ Normal Handsets - Use your own built in web browser or any flash browsers

■ It also might be better on the Full Site Tab which can be found on your Web Browser by scrolling down to the bottom of the page or just have a look about for it

■ PC - Use your own browser - if you have any problems then please Download and Install, Firefox / Opera Web Browser

■ Just incase , Where to buy a giffgaff voucher ➜ -

[ Want to convert the voucher to a goodybag? ] > If yes see the below

[ Goodybag Conversion ]

Please follow this guide thanks --

■ 1, Go to > My Giffgaff
■ 2, Press > Top up
■ 3, Press > Select on the goodybags icon
■ 4, Press > Select on the goodybag you want
■ 5, On the next page, press > Continue
■ 6, Then press > Exchange Airtime Credit

○ To pay by debit card put your security code in


Link ➜

[ Please Note ]
■ You can only have 1 active goodybag at any one time (ie you can't change your goodybag before it expires/ add a new one)
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Re: top up voucher

Dial 43430 to topup with voucher 🇬🇧
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Re: top up voucher

See here
Payment options.

If I helped click ''solutions and kudos'' thanks.
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Re: top up voucher

ahmed_naveed wrote:
How can I top upvouchet first time

If you haven't previously registered, topped up and received your phone number then take a look here


If you do have your phone number then just let us know.

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Re: top up voucher

Simply buy a GG or o2 voucher from a shop (o2 takes a few hours to show on the system) and go on the main web site and use the menu to add the voucher and you have topped up

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Re: top up voucher

[ Edited ]

You will need to buy a giffgaff or 02 voucher
And then dial 43430 from your mobile and follow the instructions.
Please be aware that 02 vouchers can sometimes take a few tries to go through.
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