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top up

Annoyed at how I topped up 10 pounds last night ready to buy my normal 10 pounds goody bag and now I have to top up another 10pounds as my balance has decided to go down to 9.57 even though my internet data was turned off! This has really annoyed me as now I am having to use another 10 pounds to get the goodybag I need! :@
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Re: top up

Did you make any calls texts or use data m8 back ground apps updatin can all take credit
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Re: top up

Are you sure data was turned off by using airplane mode etc
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Re: top up

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Contact an agent to check if was on data used As phone data connection was off cant see it would be so might of got the 3p put back on account balance as good will. Try this if happens again ^^

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Re: top up

If your phone is a windows phone and have live tiles it will use your data up