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travelling abroad

I am going abroad soon and I was wondering if i have to activete roaming or if it is automatic. 

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Re: travelling abroad

Its automatic - but make sure you have credit on your account as goodybags only work in the UK :-)
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Re: travelling abroad

its automatic mate you dont have to do anything apart from topup to make calls/text
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Re: travelling abroad

Hello :smileyhappy:


Its automatic, but you can only use credit abroad, and it can be expensive :smileyhappy:  Try to use wifi whereever you go to help your credit balance, and make sure you have enough credit to last you :smileyhappy:


Bon Voyage! :smileyhappy:

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Re: travelling abroad

Roaming is on by default mate.Just stock up with plenty of credit.



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Re: travelling abroad

yup it is automatic but be sure to have plenty of airtime credit as goodybags are only covered in uk.
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Re: travelling abroad

No it kicks automatically mate
I would disable data
And use free wifi
You need credit as well
As goodybags dont work
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Re: travelling abroad

All you need is airtime credit and your away :smileyhappy: 🇬🇧
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Re: travelling abroad



Depends on your phone I think, but on mine (iPhone 3GS) I always make sure it's OFF actually, as it really adds up fast and you'll end up using all your credit really quickly if you just leave it ON.


I'd use free wi-fi as much as possible and then turn roaming ON as and when you need to and have no other options.


Have a good time abroad! :smileyhappy:



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Re: travelling abroad