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unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

Is it possible to obtain the unlock code free for my alcatel ot 4030x on payg tmobile handset? Many thanx in advance:-) 

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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

Try cheap unlock codes on ebay m8
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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

Try local phone shop to unlock it
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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

top tips there is a gg jimza he unlocks alcatel depends on the model and welcome to gg.
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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

Try your local mobile site or you can try ebay for cheap. Unlock codes
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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

Hi there and welcome to the community.
For your device to work on giffgaff,then it needs to be unlocked or locked onto the o2 network.There are a number of ways that this can be achieved :smileyhappy:.

1) Contact your current service provider and they can unlock it for a small fee.

2) You can take your device to any phone shop or market and also have it unlocked on o2,again for a small fee.

3) There is an unlocking service for most devices and there are also many websites than can unlock your device for free.

Please find below 3 links that can help to unlock your device thankyou.

Or please also look for your device by clicking onto the link below.

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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x


Just wondering if you got your phone unlocked, I have the same phone and the same problem, it's locked to T Mobile.


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Re: unlocking alcatel ot 4030x

I tried to find an unlock service for the 4030x but failed.

I paid an ebay service but they returned my money say they couldn't do it.

In the end I rang T-Mobile and paid £20.49, they said it would take 10 days.

After 10 days they sent me an SMS saying it would be 10 days (20 days)

I rang them and complained, but it still took nearly 20 days.

They sent me an unlock code which worked perfectly.


I then inserted my GiffGaff SIM and all was OK.

No more rip off PAYGO data charges.