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voicemail number

I received a voicemail, but can't listen to it because I haven't a voicemail number in my SIM. Can you please help?
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Re: voicemail number

Dial 443

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Re: voicemail number

Dial 443

It costs 1 Goodybag minute or 8p credit
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Re: voicemail number

Below is all the information regarding voicemail activation etc...

These are some quick numbers you need  to manage your Voicemail.

To ACTIVATE Voicemail - Dial 1616

To DEACTIVATE Voicemail Dial - 1626

To CHECK Voicemail - Dial 443

To set your own Voicemail message dial 443 and follow the prompts.

Voicemail extend ring will set the number of rings before divert type in **61*443*10* and then the amount of seconds you want in increments of 5 secs maximum 30 followed by # then SEND

Voicemail costs 8p/Call, or if you have a goodybag, it deducts ONE goodybag minute, regardless of how long you are on the call.

To hear your voicemail from another phone you need to set your PIN. Call your number. Wait for the voicemail to answer, then press * Then enter your PIN. You will then reach the voicemail menu.

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Re: voicemail number

just dial 443

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Re: voicemail number

please dial 443 and ensure you have credit

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Re: voicemail number

Dial 443 to listen to your voice mail...

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Re: voicemail number

voicemail dial 443

To ENABLE voicemail, dial 1616
To DISABLE voicemail, dial 1626

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Re: voicemail number

Try listening to my voicemail by dailing 443,but requested my pin. How can I have the pin.
Please advise
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Re: voicemail number

Anyone know how to find the 4-10 digit pin code to set up voicemail? also how to set up the internet?