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voucher  is saying invalid when i top up my nube>**phone_number_removed**


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Re: voucher

I hope that isn't the real voucher number you have just posted on a public forum :smileysad:

First Thing To Do -Click on Option on your post

Click edit And 'Remove Voucher Number'

Then Click 'Post'

You might be too late and someone else might of used it by now :smileysad:

Quickly try the below --

[ Redeeming a Voucher ]

If its a O2 voucher they can be a pain to work straight away, they need several attempts in most cases

o2/giffgaff Voucher > Add it by telephone 43430 (freephone number) Only if your fully activated

Or this can be done online @

You can also try another browser (online option)

Just incase -- - Where to buy a giffgaff voucher

[ Want to convert the voucher to a goodybag? ] > If yes see the below

[ Goodybag Conversion ]

Please follow this guide thanks --

•• 1, Go to > My Giffgaff
•• 2, Press > Top up
•• 3, Press > Select on the goodybags icon
•• 4, Press > Select on the goodybag you want
•• 5, On the next page, press > Continue
•• 6, Then press > Exchange Airtime Credit

•• To pay by debit card put your security code in

Link -

[ Please Note ] You can only have 1 active goodybag at any one time (ie you can't change your goodybag before it expires/ add a new one)

I've reported it and hopefully it quickly get edited
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Re: voucher

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Hi Raydan


Sorry to see you're having issues.


I don't have an answer for you as I don't use vouchers but hope this page  will help you.

 You should

remove the voucher number from your post though, it might work for someone else :smileywink:











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Re: voucher

Keep trying the voucher here and there by dialling 43430 on giffgaff phone or try online. If tried so many times and still not going on account then contact an agent with the voucher info to see can sort it

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Re: voucher

Please please never put your personal details in a public fourum. IE phone numbers. Voucher numbers.. Altho most of our gaffers are hounest people. On the odd accasion there could be one on here that might use them personal details. So will you please remove your voucher number. Thanks

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Re: voucher

This is a public forum... You should not of posted the voucher number on here.... You should have contacted an agent with it
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Re: voucher

Contact an agent and please remove the voucher number as quick as you can.



Regards Ray

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Re: voucher

If the message "Sorry, that voucher code has already been used" is displayed, don't worry it just means that the transaction failed before completion. Please leave a few hours for the Payment systems to update (and see that your voucher was not used) and try activating again.
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