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Joining date: ‎12-04-2013

Back in November Mark won our 'GAFFTA' award for most friendly member. He's a smart cookie as well as lovely jubbly, with over 100 Best Answers helping other members with their problems. One member said, "Constantly helping and working in the background, I think his work should be recognised for his excellent efforts". A friendly face (literally in his smiley avatar) to all members, you're lucky if you spot Mark in your thread. Thanks for all you do.


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Topup via PayPal

Inspired by: peter - 160+ Kudos received

peter’s idea to top up via PayPal was a hit with members with over 160 kudos. Our eCommerce Team know this idea would benefit many of our members – and that’s what we’re all about. We're still investigating how to make it work, but want to bring it to giffgaff in 2015. Awesome.