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Featured Member.


 Joining date: 17-01-2015

This week, we're dedicating Featured Member to a member who joined us earlier this year and has a great discussion style we love on the Community. You've guessed it, it's no other than br1anst0rm. br1anst0rm has a good sense of how to format a constructive debate whilst being inclusive of all who to participate. Nice one, br1anst0rm!

Introduce Trio (3 in 1) Sims

Inspired by: xollobru - 730+ Kudos received

A phenomenal Idea which blends simplicity and reducing waste - Xollobru and over 730 members have helped giffgaff to now provide 'Three in One' sims. No more need to perform a sim swap if and when someone changes mobiles. Kudos to ayanenigma who proposed the Idea before it's time. Nice One.