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kung fu master

Joining date: ‎‎05-12-2012

Within the last year alicepowell has brought members together, ran awesome competitions, discussions and ideas on the community and most recently the giffgaff Halloween spooktacular. Not only this, but her Fantasy Formula 1 League 2014 thread has been capturing discussion of races, drivers and cars all season along with her monthly social reviews. She can also frequently be found in the chit chat thread, and wherever else in GD that good discussion is to be found.


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Direct Relationship with Apple

Inspired by: think_of_tomoro, agmeee - 340+ Kudos received

For 2 years our members have been asking for Apple. Thanks to think_of_tomoro and the support of over 300 members in this Idea giffgaff is now an official Apple carrier. This means members can install the giffgaff profile and enjoy new functionality. Gravy.