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43430 voucher line

Status: Not For Us
by daveysludge on ‎12-10-2010 17:41

Is it really necessary to have the geordie bloke waffling on about goodybags just to give us one option to top-up?


Surely it would be better to welcome the customer to GG and then offer 2 options:


1: Top-up with a voucher.


2: Buy a goodybag with credit - Then offer the five (or whatever is available) options.


Anyone using 43430 at the moment knows all about GB's and dont need his pathetic preamble!


They would on the other hand like to be able to order a GB when they are out and about!

Status: Not For Us
At the moment we have expanded our IVR system as far as we'd like. We are an internet based company and so believe members know how to and are able to buy goodybags from our site, therefore this isn't one of our priorities, Kind regards, Hazel.
by lovepandas on ‎22-09-2013 05:23

Well, I think it's a good idea.


To be able to choose goody bags offline on the top-up line, simply because some people do not use the Internet that much.


I joined giffgaff in February 2013 and it took me a while to realise I could convert my airtime credit balance into a goodybag.


I'm the type of person who reads everything and I had just been making calls using my airtime credit as opposed to choosing a goodybag.


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