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£5 Top-ups

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by oslingsby virtuoso on ‎30-03-2010 20:16

Kudos this idea if you want £5 top ups available

Status: We’re Looking Into It
6th August 2014 - this Idea was recently brought up again and we are going to explore whether the previous situation is still true, that the cost per transaction for us wouldn't cover the overheads. We'll keep you updated on progress.
by martinpeters1985 on ‎30-03-2010 23:22

this should have been done from the start im my opinion, as no middle men are involved in it, so itshouldnt be a problem for gg i wud have though

by trick202 on ‎30-03-2010 23:26

What do you mean by middle-men?

by counsellor danielclo1il on ‎31-03-2010 11:41

wether this is possible or not i dunno, O2 and tesco only allow £10, and maybe because giffgaff run off O2, they only let £10? i dunno just my idea

by paul_shirley on ‎31-03-2010 14:51

The 90 days free on net calls+SMS specifies a £10 minimum topup and I assume that minimum spend is built into the business plan. £5 complicates things and potentially opens some loopholes for low spenders, time to discuss how freeby renewal should work with lower topups.


[BTW I notice the auto topup help is inconsistent about minimum topups and hints that £5 is already possible!]


by trick202 on ‎31-03-2010 15:23

At the risk of being totally out of line here:


Topping up by £5: OK, I can see why this would be beneficial - especially to people on a tight budget. Especially relevant when top-up cards come into play.


Registering the Sim with £10: I think this HAS to be kept. I know times are hard, but come on. Coverage maps are there for you via O2, call charges are clear and simple - I don't see the value in lowering this initial charge.

by oslingsby virtuoso on ‎01-04-2010 07:44

I agree with trick202, keep the £10 starter top up but i think the £5 top ups will be good and will encourage new customers to join i mean even if we were to do this via a bank transfer so as not to incur any costs to gg.

by jamie on ‎02-04-2010 21:00

£5 Would be alot better but you half to think £5 for unlimited unlt gg to gg things!

by oslingsby virtuoso on ‎09-04-2010 09:59

Maybe limit 100mins and or texts for the £5 top up, with hardly anyone i know on gg yet this isnt a problem for me yet, i am getting to friends to move so i suppose it could become one but the £5 top up is mainly for convenience incase im strapped for cash one week.

by sausageandbun ‎13-04-2010 16:17 - edited ‎13-04-2010 16:18

A £5 top up could be limited to 1 or 2 months free gg to gg calls and texts to make the value distinction clearer maybe?


I certainly think that a £5 top up after you've joined is an idea worth pursuing. It would give people more choice of how they wanted to use the service.

by tonycoyle on ‎19-04-2010 22:52

Now the googybags are up and running I agree that there should be a £5 top-up for additional credit for calls over the 100 minutes (or 08 numbers) should be ann option for existing customers


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