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A new way to the the "Best solution"

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by ahad on ‎26-04-2012 23:04

I personally think that a lot of the users who have a lot of pre-written answers do have good answers when answering a person's question but the fact it is pre-written increases their chances of having the best solution.

What I'm proposing is, rather than having the best solution as being only one person, we should get rid of the best solution and have the user be able to select more than one answer they think is good. And this can be called "Good solutions" rather than "Best solution" as it provides everyone with an equal chance.

Also for every 10 good solutions gained by a giffaffer, they could get 5 payback points which provides an easier way to gain payback points. 


Status: Idea Vault

Sorry but multiple solutions have previously been suggested and rejected


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