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Adding (and deleting) 'handy links' on MyGiffgaff

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by daldred on ‎24-04-2012 20:30

The 'Handy Links' section at the bottom of the My giffgaff page is indeed handy - when you're new; but a couple of them rapidly go past their sell-by date.  Having transferred my number in, I don't need that one any more, and after a couple of months I know how to top up!


It would be good if we could (a) delete ones we don't want and (b) create new ones - ideally every page would have an 'add this to my handy links' button, offering the chance to add the link and optionally rename it.


We can, of course, bookmark posts in the community, but that's not quite the same - and it doesn't apply to pages.  


Status: Idea Vault
by sbhewitt on ‎01-05-2012 12:03

It would work if you have an undeletable "restore defaults" so people   (mostly new users, kids and parents whose kid gave them them giffgaff sim card and set it up for them)   don't end up posting "how do I ......" as they clear their list and can't find the link to the pages

by stephenmiller on ‎03-08-2012 22:33
Status changed to: Idea Vault
The members have spoken and unfortunately this isn't what they're looking for right now. We love ideas so don't be disheartened, try again - we look forward to it! -
by giffgaff Educator on ‎09-01-2014 11:44
Status changed to: Idea Vault

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