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Allow temporary call forwarding when ordering replacement SIM.

Status: Not For Us
by thinkpad on ‎18-10-2011 12:27
I'm hoping this is not a duplicate.

When someone requests a replacement sim when they have either lost their sim or it has become faulty, the existing sim is barred. The user is then unable to make or receive any calls. I propose that the user is given an option to set call forwarding to a designated number when ordering replacement SIM so that they can still receive calls whilst the new SIM is being delivered. When the new SIM is activated the forwarding is automatically disabled.

Thanks for reading!
Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, we won't be taking this any further as we can't see anyway around the security implications that would come from routing your phone calls to a different phone - however since the implementation of sim swap, this process is hopefully so painless you don't need to miss a call :smileyhappy: Kind regards, Hazel.

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