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Bank transfer to pay money into account.

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by solidi on ‎26-04-2012 09:09
Firstly this idea is not to get you payback transferred into your bank account.

My idea is to allow customers to transfer money into their giffgaff account from their bank account. With many banks now supporting instant or faster payments the money would be in you account very quickly.

It would work like this:
1. You sign into your online bank.
2. Set up the details of the giffgaff account (these can normally be saved so this step only needs to be done the first time).
3. Ensure your phone number is the reference of the payment so giffgaff k ow which account to allocate the payment to.
4. Select the amount to transfer.
5. Send the payment - job done money in your airtime account.

Because this costs the customer nothing and giffgaff pretty much nothing even if they have to pay, it will reduce costs and allow smaller top ups, for example £1.

Any money not correctly allocated to an account, for example it is for too small an amount, wrong phone number or close account can simply be returned to the sending account.
Status: Idea Vault

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