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Blog Submissions - Tighter Editorial Policy

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by cim ‎22-02-2012 15:16 - edited ‎22-02-2012 15:19

Please don't anyone take this the wrong way - this idea is not aimed at any specific blogs or blogger, and I know there is a lot of great blog content which a lot of people put a lot of hard work into - but my idea is that blog items should be required to meet defined editorial standards in order to be approved by Giffgaff.


This approach should help Giffgaff to present a professional image.

Blog Editorial Checks which I can think of (for starters) could include:


  • A brief mention of relevant background expertise of blogger - not necessarily a full bio and fine to use a pseudonym, but establish credentials to write on the presented subject
  • Originality and avoidance of any blatant plagiarism
  • Objectivity and balance - or failing that a clear indication of writer bias and reasons why
  • Web links provided where appropriate
  • Ensure any web links indicate clearly where they will link to before clicking them
  • Reviewing something? List key alternative products and explain clearly what are the benefits and downsides of the product vs the competition
  • Effective use of Graphics
  • General proof reading for any obvious content errors
  • Clarity of presented information
  • Total Word Count and conciseness
  • Correct Grammar
  • Correct Spelling
  • Correct Punctuation
  • Avoidance of Text Speak and obscure acronyms
  • Correct use of upper/lower/title case.
  • Effective layout with appropriate paragraph breaks

Any others? Perhaps those more experienced in writing blogs may be able to suggest improvements to above list...


I understand blogs are currently submitted and vetted - but I would argue the process could be tightened up - standards seem to vary somewhat.


After all - the blog section is a very prominent part of the Giffgaff web site - and may constitute a large part of Giffgaff 'first impressions'.


What do you think?

Status: Idea Vault
by cim on ‎23-02-2012 11:36

@cricpk - thanks for your considered comments.


I suppose it boils down to a quality vs. quantity trade-off - and what importance is placed on professional looking blogs vs. a more 'homespun' presentation.


I suppose a 'Blogger's Guide' route may be worth exploring if editorial checks as outlined are not considered practical - either for cost reasons or for fear of putting bloggers off. How much effect this would have in isolation is hard to say.


Be interested to hear any other views on this.

by marvel andy0 marvel ‎25-02-2012 08:16 - edited ‎26-02-2012 01:04

I think you're making good points, but perhaps standards are already improving after some adverse comments on plagiarism or letting free advertising for certain websites.

by as7861 on ‎22-05-2012 00:16
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by giffgaff Educator on ‎09-01-2014 12:19
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