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Status: Not For Us
by samirah123 on ‎23-09-2010 17:01

I wanted to suggest that gg should have a customer service number which we can call or text for free for help. I was abroad and there was a network which you could text the customer service members for help with anything and you'd get a faster reply than an email.



Status: Not For Us
The whole point of giffgaff is that we do not have call centres, so this would go against our ethos and this is therefor not a suitable idea for us.
by bongosquid ‎23-09-2010 18:31 - edited ‎23-09-2010 18:32

Erm, the whole point off giffgaff is that there are no call centers, which makes everything cheaper, and you get a helpful community of users if you have questions... No kudos for you, sorry! :smileytongue:

by jamesdn on ‎23-09-2010 19:42

That's a bit like asking mcdonalds to sell fried chicken

by dawsonator1 on ‎23-09-2010 22:50

Not a new idea and totally against the ethos of gg. If against it; it would just drive costs up, ruin the community support concept and cost us all more in the long term.

by vincent on ‎01-10-2010 11:04
Status changed to: Not For Us
The whole point of giffgaff is that we do not have call centres, so this would go against our ethos and this is therefor not a suitable idea for us.
by jamesdn on ‎04-11-2010 19:35

Sorry but how on earth does someone end up on this post of all posts to ask for an iPhone SIM card...


Really makes you wonder!

by samirah123 on ‎07-09-2011 12:31
@brendan -please click on the ask the agent link on my giffgaff and tell them that you have been charged although you have a goodybag. the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and they refunded the money to my account:smileyhappy: hope this helps, please kudos if it does:smileyhappy:
by mathew40 ‎15-03-2014 22:51 - edited ‎15-03-2014 22:54

Hi sarah. Sorry but I have to totally disagree and I also think many other members may feel the same way.The whole reason why giffgaff provides such low prices is the fact that the agents,along with the giffgaff educators and community members always work as a community and resolve situations very quickly.The community members are very experienced people who use the device or have had the same issue as yourself, so your always getting the best information.As where if you ring a call center,you can end up just either using a silly automatic system,which I hate,or you end up speaking to somebody in india and cant understand what they are saying,due to the persons poor English .If giffgaff where to introduce a call center,the money to fund such a project would only come from the customers pocket,which would almost mean that prices would have to rise,cheers:smileywink:.

by mh769 on ‎15-03-2014 22:52
then we wouldn't be able to make payback and it would cost giffgaff a lot more which would probably put prices up. then giffgaff will be just like the other networks
by rebelyell on ‎15-03-2014 22:53

I don't think you'll find many of us supporting this idea. 

by xollobru ‎15-03-2014 22:54 - edited ‎15-03-2014 22:55

Not having call centres is part of the giffgaff ethos, to quote "We do things different from other networks. We don't do crowded shops or frustrating call centres."


I hate to imagine the stampede of members leaving  if giffgaff introduced a call centre




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