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Cheap international calls on GG

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by alien45 on ‎02-03-2011 14:01
Mobile operators are nowadays working with voip providers to provide cheap or free voip calls. As we know, Three provides free skype to skype calls and also cheap international calls. Last year(not sure of the time), o2 aquired and now they're offering International Favoirites and lets u call any 3 international numbers(within supported countries) for just £10 month! That is amazing(although o2 failed to keep my country in the list, i mean it was but now removed).<br><br>What I'm suggesting is that GG can hook up with a voip provider and give us similar services and that would be great! Well, at this moment only one name I'd like to suggest and that is Many of us use fring for free voice/video call over 3g/edge. They also offer very cheap rates. Instead of calling over 3g, together GG &amp; fring could offer us much cheaper direct(like Three &amp; Skype) international calls. Maybe there could be goodybags where can get unlimited text, unlimited web, bundle of UK mins and also bundle of international mins.<br><br>Kudos me if u like my idea and if u've any better idea please post here and support the thread! Thanks.

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