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Christmas Special - Double Kudos

Status: Implemented
by andreww on ‎07-11-2010 10:02

On Christmas Day most of us will be enjoing our presents, time with our families, the Queen's speech, Grandma snoring after dinner etc etc.


Meanwhile  many (hopefully) people across the UK will be getting their new mobile and giffgaff SIM from Santa. And some will need help!


So as a special reward those truly exceptional giffgaffers that do a shift on Christmas Day they get all  Kudos earned on 25 December doubled just as a thanks from giffgaff for keeping the customer service up-and-running.


If this is too tricky to implement then maybe a special Christmas Yo-Ho-Ho Kudos award worth 5 ordinary kudos for anyone getting kudos or authoring a solution.


Just seems like a nice festive thing to do to give our most dedicated members a little festive cheer!

Status: Implemented
It's Christmas 'Eve and this has now been implemented. Happy holidays everyone! :smileyhappy:
by jamesdn on ‎01-01-2011 20:16

Time to stop this now and go back to normal, it's been over a week?? :smileyhappy:

by andreww on ‎01-01-2011 20:19

Yeah - agree. I only had Christmas day in mind when I suggested it!!

by thesaint on ‎01-01-2011 20:24

It would have been even nicer if ppl could have got the sims to activate Andrew,due to that #### system.I put that in coz i don't swear anyway.smiley,happy.Salud,Les

by andreww ‎01-01-2011 20:28 - edited ‎01-01-2011 20:28

Have your 2 mates still not been able to activate Les?

by batwoman on ‎24-12-2011 15:36

wicked! but sorry for those who dont celebrate Christmas...


Merry christmas everyone :smileyhappy:

by khairul on ‎25-12-2011 08:38
Double kudos back for Christmas 2011! I did suggest to giffgaff that they disable it for the ideas board... I wonder if they have done it...

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