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Don't Pop The Bubbles

Status: Not For Us
by dizzydiane136 on ‎09-07-2011 16:21

From its early beginnings in 2010 it is clear giffgaff has expanded in leaps and bounds. It is to the benefit of all members that this expansion continues so we each need to be wary of inadvertently contributing to 'bursting the bubble'.


New members or Newbies come in all age groups and maturation levels. Some of them hit giffgaff  fora with an enthusiasm like a tidal wave and it is clear that many experienced giffgaff members find it irritating to have to wade through repetitious comments which may appear to be of the JPB (just for payback) variety; this is particularly true of comments which look banale, or even plagiaristic.  Experienced members in a pique of irritation may feel the need to take such individuals to one side, by using the QUOTE button to offer education to the infringing culprit.  When expertly done, by Educators for example, it will have a positive win- win benefit.  Sadly some feedback, no matter how well intentioned, can be received in a negative way.   Please rember. " If you have a Pop, you may burst the bubble".


To help the community here is my suggestion.

How do members feel about being banded into age peer groups?

Is it not true that our communication styles are easier to design to good effect if we knew, for example that the Newbie was under 14 years old, or even over 60?  I am not suggesting giffgaff should create age discrimination, but I do believe Newbies in particular would feel more comfortable addressing other members when they know the individuals age band.

And it could promote some wonderful off topic subjects.



1) Voluntarily  or  2) Mandatory


Perhaps we could have  a coloured band, or snooker ball linked to our avatar.


Red for  15y or under

Yellow    16y to 20

Green     21y to 30

Blue        31y to 60

White      61y or older


Your views on this idea would be welcome.

Status: Not For Us
Whilst this is a nice idea, we feel that by attributing a colour to those under 15, it could actually make them more of a target, instead of foster understanding. Some of our main members are between 13-16, and personally I know they don't want people to know their ages, so this is something we couldn't force on members. Also we couldn't implement anything to stop people from lying about their ages. Which means you couldn't trust the bubbles anyway. It's a nicely thought out idea but unfortunately not one we can implement at the moment. Thank you.

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